COVID-19 Update

During these unprecedented times for our industry, our countries and the world, businesses across the UK and Ireland are making adjustments to mitigate the impact of COVID-19. We want to reassure you that WaterCooler World is open and will continue to provide you with the required services in a safe manner.

We are now delivering to all our customers who need us. This includes all essential businesses, hospitals, emergency services, nursing homes, and of course those people that are required to work from home but still want water.

The situation continues to change day-by-day, and we are rigorously following the government guidance as it is released.

Here are the key steps we are taking:

  • We are instructing our delivery & sanitisation team members to maintain a 2 metre safe distance from other people on-site;
  • Our delivery & sanitisation team members have been equipped with hand sanitiser so that they can maintain our normal high standards of hygiene;
  • We have advised our Delivery & sanitisation team not to request signatures, but they will request your full name for the proof of delivery or sanitisation
  • Any delivery & sanitisation team members who are feeling unwell are required to self-isolate and remain at home;
  • Any delivery & sanitisation team member that has been abroad will go through the government process of isolation and testing;

This may mean we may take longer than normal to service your products, however, if you can allow us access outside of normal business hours please inform us as we may be able to offer this to you, location dependent. This will also reduce any risk to our team and yours alike.

Your co-operation is appreciated when our team are attending:

  • We would appreciate your co-operation to ensure that we have access whilst limiting contact with anyone at your location. We will give you as much notice as possible in advance of a visit so that you can prepare.
  • Please inform us if you become aware of any person(s) that have tested positive before we attend or make our delivery & sanitisation team member aware when they arrive
  • Ensure you allow our delivery & sanitisation team member access to your restroom for hand washing and use of your sanitiser

If you need to request a delivery please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

WaterCooler World

WaterCooler World is Gloucestershire and Worcestershire's solution to hassle free hydration. From water coolers for events to hot drinks machines in your company offices, WaterCooler World offers a range of products which can be personalised to suit your events or company branding with packages to cover all usage requirements.

The full range of products comes with fantastic personal service and no hidden extras; our prices are clear, and regular maintenance and delivery is included in the rental charges - no hidden call out charges, no additional fees for maintenance or delivery costs for regular supplies.

Michael Williams' expert advice covers Gloucester, Cheltenham and Worcester and his growing team ensures that delivery and maintenance across Gloucestershire and Worcestershire is done to consistently high standards.

We are so confident that our products and service will more than meet your needs that we offer a no obligation, no quibbling two week free trial on our range of water coolers and we can give you a demo of our hot drinks machine.

Customers say:

"I love that Michael keeps in touch, keeps his promises and makes the whole process effortless."